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VISTA 2019-2020 Governance Document

VISTA 2019-2020 Governance Document | 1

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1.1 Main objective

To help employees develop and improve their knowledge, skills, and ability to work as a team for improved customer service.

1.2 Scope/description

VISTA is the world largest service market competition that tests service market people on their technical and service competence.

The fundamentals of VISTA are to find, gather and interpret information and to transform it into skills and knowledge through team work. It is about solving the theoretical and practical tasks leading to development in their own competence and forging strong working relationships.

1.3 Authorized Volvo dealers/workshop

VISTA is a Volvo Trucks and Bus initiative and therefore is only open to employees of authorized Volvo dealers/workshop. The definition of an authorized Volvo dealer/workshop is that the dealer/workshop has a Volvo issued dealer/ workshop number.

1.4 Servicemarket competition

The VISTA competition covers all the areas of service, parts and administration and it is developed and run to cover these subjects and applications. Servicemarket in its function covers both hard and soft products and/or business operations.

The technical area within VISTA extends over both Volvo Trucks and Bus and is focused on all technical related subjects and function groups. This also involves information gathering and technical related processes, extending over global models and variants.

The commercial aspect of VISTA is focused on customer interaction, information gathering, performance and processes. Examples of areas contained in commercial are warranty handling, parts search and interpretation, Volvo Standard Times, workshop administration, customer care and operational processes.

The administrative side of VISTA covers all the areas in regards to servicemarket and related to both service and parts. These areas may be covered by certain individuals in more major dealers/ workshops or may be a daily part of a workshop and/or parts employee's role.

1.5 Team/teamwork

A team should be comprised of between two to four individual members that are employees of a Dealer.

The recommended team mix for all teams includes two technicians plus two commercial team members representing parts, service or warranty administration. The team should be well balanced, covering the spectrum of topics involved in the VISTA Competition as well as allowing interpersonal interaction and cross learning from the different participants.

1.6 More than a competition

VISTA's brand tagline is "More than competition". This is because, it delivers more than a competitive environment for teams. It also serves to shine a spotlight on our servicemarket people, gives them a platform to compete with the very best, and a programme that helps them to improve their skills. In the past VISTA has also engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, and has helped give back to society and the community. That's why, when we think about VISTA, we consider that it is more than a competition.


The rules are mandatory and must be followed throughout the entire competition. The participating dealer/workshop in VISTA must be an authorized Volvo dealer/workshop.

? VISTA is open for service market personnel

? T eams can consist of 2-4 members. All team members in the same team must belong to the same authorized Volvo dealer/workshop

? A ll team members must be employed on a permanent basis in an authorized Volvo dealer/ workshop and hold a technician, parts or administrative job role

? VISTA refers to on the job training and should be regarded as normal working hours

? E ach market must be administrated by a committed VISTA Leader (Refer to 5. Roles and Responsibilities VISTA 2019-2020) well aware of the responsibility included in the role. The VISTA Leader must have adequate English skills, both written and spoken

? E mployees that used to be a trainer in the past, should have at least 5 years in a non-trainer role to be a part of a team

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? If a team member leaves his/her job or for any other reason cannot complete the competition, a new member could join if agreed by the respective VISTA Market Leader. The VISTA Market Leader has to report all changes in teams to VISTA Core Team (

? The same Technician can only compete in one team

? Parts staff and Administrators (refer to 1. Definitions VISTA) may have a possibility to attend in two different teams, (including an Apprentice team). However, in a Semi-Final or World Final, the same individual can only compete in one team

? An apprentice team can be entered into the VISTA competition, if following a recognised Apprentice program. Trainee CSRs/Parts personnel are also recognised in this stipulation. Due to large differences in the apprentice set up in the markets it will be a market decision if they would like to run it or not

2.1 Conditions to participate in VISTA

? Participants need to be prepared to travel to compete in Semi-Final and World Final. This means each participant needs to obtain all valid documents like passports and Visas in due time prior the Semi-Final and World Final


? T he official VISTA identification must be used on all documentation regarding the competition. VISTA Core Team will provide a printing original

? E ach VISTA Market Leader will be provided with marketing material. The VISTA Market Leader should consider what needs to be translated for their specific market to ensure to spread the VISTA message in a sufficient way to all participants

? E ach VISTA Market Leader should co-operate with local Marketing & Communication responsible when it comes to all VISTA marketing material and PR activities

? T he local Marketing & Communication team need to secure that all material is adapted and printed in accordance with Brand guidelines and that the usage of VISTA logo is regularized

? T he official VISTA logo must be used on all documentation regarding the competition. VISTA Core Team will provide a printing original

? T he Tag line "More than a competition" in the square should not be translated in the photos

? In good time before the start of Part 1, the dealers/workshops need to secure access for the participants to relevant applications/ information in the Trucks Portal (e.g. Impact, Warranty Binder, Wiring Diagrams, Accessories Products, Campaign Information and VBC Remote, Driver Handbook and Sales Tool Product Information) and to current versions of required workshop tools such as Tech Tool

? Dealers/workshops need to have access to adequate number of Impact and Tech Tool computers for preparations and carrying through the competition for participants

? Dealers/workshops must ensure to provide enough time to participating teams for preparations and carrying through the VISTA competition during working hours. Estimated time needed per question is 15-30 min.


? L aunch of the VISTA competition September 10, 2019

? R egistration Opens September 30, 2019

? C ompetition Part 1 November 5-24, 2019

? P it Stop 1 Week 4, 2020

? C ompetition Part 2 February 25-March 15, 2020

? M arket Pit Stop 2/Tiebreaker (if needed) Week 12, 2020

? W ild Card-Live Draw Decided by the Sales area

? S emi-Finals, Gothenburg Weeks 22, 23, 24, 2020.

? W orld Final, Turin, Italy Week 37, 2020

VISTA 2019-2020 Governance Document | 4

4.1.1 Competition structure

? VISTA 2019-2020 starts with 2 qualifying parts with theoretical questions referring to Volvo information sources (refer to 2.5) and Volvo branding or basic knowledge

? For each theoretical round, at least 50 questions will be submitted by the VISTA Development Team. The questions will cover Truck and Bus common questions as well as unique Truck and Bus matters. The questions will cover the following areas: Technical, Parts, Warranty, Administration, Health and safety, Commercial and Brand awareness. For each round 35 questions (+ tie breaker) have to be selected by each market, based on criteria provided by VISTA Core Team prior to each theoretical part

? The subject of the question, as submitted by the VISTA Technical Team, shall not be changed. However, product designation (i.e. FH/FM/VM) may be changed in order to adapt to market needs. The ID number of the question must not be changed regardless of the order of the questions

? If any remarks occur during the theoretical parts after the release of the correction key, the participants have 5 working days to submit remarks on the questions. This should be done in the competition web tool by clicking the "comment" button below each question. The process is managed in the web administration tool according to guidelines, firstly by the VISTA Market Leader and secondly by the central VISTA Core Team, if needed

? For any other competition related question, VISTA Market Leader are requested to use the helpdesk email address: It is only the VISTA Market Leader that has the authority to send in such a question

? All questions will be considered and replies will be sent within 1 week after the release of the correction key of each theoretical part. The answers from the VISTA Core Team cannot be appealed

? The VISTA Market Leaders decide when to release the ranking of the theoretical parts

? All administration of the competition will be handled via the VISTA administration tool. The VISTA Market Leaders will receive guidelines exactly how to manage the administration. The administration tool will be accessed via

? T he questions will be translated based on participating markets following the Impact language matrix. All countries also get the questions in English

Proof reading will be done by the countries in advance of each competition.

4.1.2 VISTA Semi-Finals

? T he best teams from the theoretical rounds will compete in a hands-on Semi-Final event

? C riteria of selecting the teams for Semi-Final should be left to the discretion of the Markets in consultation with their countries

? T he Semi-Finals will be held in Gothenburg

? A ll Semi-Finalists and their accompanying person must wear safety shoes, or they will be disqualified

? A ll Semi-Finals will follow a concept developed by the VISTA Core Team consisting of practical exercises with theoretical questions included

? W inning teams from the Semi-Finals will compete in a World Final in Turin, Italy

? E ach participating team in the Semi Final should be accompanied by a person responsible for the team during the entire stay. The responsibility is to support the team during the competition and conference i.e. organize travelling such as VISA, pocket money, tickets, health and care etc.

? T he accompanying person must have good English skills and service market experience to be able to support the team during the competition, preventing language barriers and other competition related issues

? T he cost for the Semi Final and conference is free of charge for the participants and accompanying coach, own expenditures are not included. Volvo Trucks and Bus will bear the full cost of hotel accommodation, meals, transportation and events during the scheduled competition and conference days in Sweden

? T he market pays for the return ticket to Sweden, and the dealer/workshop provides full salary during the team's absence from work. Vacation days must not be used for participation in the Semi Final and conference

? E xtra nights are to be paid by the markets

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