Searching for Digital Assets on Truck Dealer Portal

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Searching for Digital Assets from Truck Dealer Portal

User Guide



Digital Asset Search Interface

Search Instructions

1. First, enter search keywords in the search field first.

2. After clicking in the search field, instructional text disappears and the field border highlights blue.

3. Then select the Region filter for your market.

4. If you hit enter after entering your search criteria, the Region dropdown list will appear.

Search Tips

1. Enter search criteria that corresponds to the asset you need. Consider product name, category or type, part or model, sub-category name, application use, descriptive features (e.g. color, size, etc.) and any other related attribute.

2. Do not select Region first, unless you want to see all available assets for a region. In most regions, this will make it difficult to find the asset you need. Think of your Region selection as the "search enter" button.

3. Most video file assets are intended to be downloaded for use in video post production or multimedia presentations. These assets are presented as ".zip" files. Other video assets are intended to be used for web viewing. These assets are usually already available as links elsewhere in TDP.

Example Search Terms

Truck Model: Pinnacle, Granite, TerraPro, Titan Application: Highway, Construction, Heavy Haul, Refuse Axle: Axle Forward, Axle Back Movement in picture: In Motion, Stagnant Settings: Oilfield, City, Countryside Color: Red, Green, White, etc.


Search Box: Shows the search criteria entered on the

previous page. You can also enter a new search here.

Folder Categories: This row represents the list of

all the category folders where an asset matching

the search criteria is located . Use these categories to further refine your search.

Asset Box with image thumbnail, name, & download options.

Select Download to see the two

resolution options.

Search Results

Go back to TDP login screen.

Opens help overlay screen


Refine Search with Category Folder

Folder Category "People" was selected to narrow the

search to Pinnacle trucks with people in the photo

Help button.

Selecting "All" removes the category specific filter

and returns the search response to the original

broader list of assets.


Asset Box & More Info Detail Page

Click here to go back to the Search Results page

More Info Detail page

After the Download button has been

selected in the Asset Box, two resolution options are presented if the asset is an image.

Make a selection according to asset

usage need.

Clicking on More Info button opens the More

Info Detail page.

Clicking on the Download button also presents resolution options.

Asset metadata