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    Undergraduate Admissions Statistics - University of Cambridge  62%

    locations other than in University owned or operated facilities where facilities-related indirect costs do not benefit the project. 4. Federal awards with activity at more than one of Harvard’s multiple rate areas use the indirect cost rate for each rate area at which the work is performed. 5.

  • Top 100 College with Lowest Acceptance Rates

    • Acceptance figures include only those applicants who received an unconditional firm offer of a place. It excludes those made conditional offers who were unsuccessful at confirmation. • Success rate figures show the proportion of applicants accepted at confirmation. ... University of Cambridge Table 2.2 Applications, offers and acceptances ...

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    Cambridge Colleges - A Guide for Graduate Students  55%

    duke university class of 2021 profile acceptance/enrollment summary geographic distribution domestic 86% class of 2021 testing diversity total number of applications total number accepted (10%) regular decision acceptance rate early decision acceptance rate total number enrolled asian, asian-american, pacific islander black/african american ...

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    Oxbridge Admissions - Sutton Trust  47%

    Cambridge College Guide 27 August 2014 Document owned by the Chair of the Graduate Tutors Committee. Cambridge Colleges – a guide for graduate students Index 1. Introduction 2. Pastoral support through the Tutorial system 3. Assistance and information for student parents 4. …

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    Oxbridge 'elitism' By Paul Bolton  46%

    Oxbridge Admissions . Fig 1: Cambridge University –applicants per acceptance, by college (Average of 2012, 2013 and 2014) 5. Edition 11: February 2016. 2. one of the universities, both require applicants to complete the standard UCAS application form. Oxford and Cambridge are both

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    GRADUATE admissions statistics  38%

    statistical analysis of applicants to the Cambridge Colleges based on UCAS data. The data has been prepared on behalf of the Admissions Forum of the Cambridge Colleges by Cambridge Admissions Office (telephone: 01223 333308, email: [email protected]). Undergraduate Admissions Statistics – …

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    Undergraduate Admissions Statistics  36%

    Acceptance Rate IB Diploma Student Survey Acceptance Rate IB Diploma Student Survey Acceptance Rate Cambridge, Massachusetts Stanford, California Cambridge, Massachusetts 23.1% 17% 12.2% Massachusetts Institute of Technology Stanford University Harvard University Acceptance Rate Acceptance Rate Acceptance Rate 7.2% 4.65% 5.1% IB Course Credits ...

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    UNIVERSITY   32%

    A guide to Oxford for American students President Barack Obama was ... Oxford and Cambridge in the same year. You provide details of your high school record, and also write a ... Most American students pay University fees at our international rate, which is very competitive with US universities. Many of our undergraduate courses are just


    Cover photo credit: University of Cambridge . Graduate Admissions Office Statistics | 2 Notes 1. These statistics refer to applications for admission in the academic year 2017/18, as of 19 ... significant drop in the success rate of applications to offers for Poland (21) and …

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    applications at Oxford and Cambridge–therefore acceptance rates for these pupils were lower. The acceptance ratefor home pupils from the maintained sector was 2 1% at Cambridge and 18% at Oxford; the acceptance rate for home independent school pupils was 28% at Cambridge and 23% at Oxford. 4