Sacramento city code enforcement department

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    Sacramento - State Government  73%

    City of Sacramento – Code Enforcement Department Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing City codes to keep neighborhoods safe and healthy by reducing blight and nuisances. The Code Enforcement Section (“CES”) serves as legal counsel and prosecutor for this outstanding multidepartmental team effort. CES

  • How Code Enforcement Mitigates Hoarding in the Community

    soon as possible (Sacramento County Code Enforcement, 2015; City of San Jose, 2000). This can sometimes be difficult for code enforcement because they do not want to invade the privacy of the hoarder. So the question is, how can cities’ code enforcement agencies effectively mitigate hoarding in the community while also respecting the privacy ...

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    Code Enforcement Mission  68%

    Code Enforcement Mission: To promote and maintain a high quality of life where people live and work. Postage. County of Sacramento Code Enforcement Division. 9700 Goethe Rd. Ste. A. Sacramento, CA 95827

  • City Council Report - Granicus

    Chapter 8.136 to the Sacramento City Code which would establish a Vacant Lot Program to regulate registration and maintenance of vacant lots. Contact: Carl Simpson, Code and Housing Enforcement Chief, (916) 808-8183, Community Development Department Presenter: Carl Simpson, Code and Housing Enforcement Chief, (916) 808-8183, Community

  • City of Sacramento

    Sacramento City Code Section 3.92.050. D. The MDP, prepared in accordance with the provisions of Streets and Highways Code Section 36622, has been filed with the PIF unit, which has been designated by the Clerk to be the repository of documents associated with special districts. E. The Council finds that the MDP satisfies all of the ...

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    Department of Community Development . County of Sacramento City of Sacramento. 916.876.9020 916.808.7368 . Property Name: Property Address: Exterior Inspection - PART I: U nitIden f ca o (Print legibly) Check the box next to each item ONLY if the item is found to be in compliance. Exterior Checklist Comments

  • Code - City of Sacramento AppLauncher

    NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES DEPARTMENT CITY OF SACRAMENTO Code Enforcement Division SACRAMENTO, CA CALIFORNIA 1231 I Street, Suite 400 95814-2977 PH 916-264-5948 FAX 916-264-7643 October 24, 2002 • Law and Legislation Committee Sacramento, California Honorable Members in Session: SUBJECT: Commercial Vehicles Parked on Residential Properties LOCATION AND COUNCIL …

  • City Council Report

    In 2003, the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services Tobacco Education Program found that 24.4 percent of tobacco retailers sampled in the City of Sacramento unlawfully sold tobacco products to minors. In 2004, the City adopted Sacramento City Code Chapter 5.138 to regulate tobacco retailers by requiring yearly non-transferrable

  • Mayor/Council Office Public Safety Accountability - City of …

    Neighborhood Code Enforcement Planning Innovation & Economic Development Organization Chart – updated 12/06/2019 Center for Sacramento History Crocker Art Museum Discovery Science & Space Center Fairytale Town Metropolitan Arts Commission Sacramento Convention Center Sacramento History Museum Sacramento Zoo Assistant to the City Manager Amy Williams Chief of Staff Office of Media & …


    SACRAMENTO POLICE DEPARTMENT GENERAL ORDERS GO 210.04 Page 1 of 5 210.04 GENERAL AND PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT 07-12-17. PURPOSE. The purpose of this order is to establish criteria for the general and professional conduct of Department employees. PREAMBLE . Working in partnership with the community to protect life and property, solve neighborhood problems, and enhance the quality of life in …

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