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    Sources of Historical Information - USPS  65%

    valuable sources of historical information on Post Offices, postal employees, mail routes, and mail contractors in this publication. Sources are listed chronologically and then discussed by subject. Following that, they are described in alphabetical order. The final pages list addresses for these resources and provide further references.

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    DMM 608 Postal Information and Resources - Postal Explorer  55%

    Domestic Mail Manual † Updated 7-28-13 608 608.2.4.2 Postal Information and Resources: Domestic Mail Customs Declaration CN 22, or, if the customer prefers, a PS Form 2976-A, Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note – CP 72, when the item is: a.

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    DMM 608 Postal Information and Resources - Postal Explorer  52%

    Postal Information and Resources: About the DMM 608 Postal Information and Resources 1.0 About the Domestic Mail Manual 1.1 Content of the DMM Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) contains the basic standards of the United States Postal Service (USPS)

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    Postal Operations - United States Army  51%

    Postal Operations This expedite revision, dated 16 February 2016-o Changes the title of the publication from Unit Postal Operations to Postal Operations (cover). o Adds annual inspection guidance for compliance with postal policies and regulatory guidance (para 1-4). o Updates appointment requirements and qualifications for Military Postal

  • U.S. Postal Inspection Service Divisions

    The Postal Inspection Service can assist other law enforcement agents in the following ways: Investigating and locating suspects and witnesses by providing information from Postal Service records. Instituting a mail cover for locating a fugitive or for investigating felonies.

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    Unit Postal Officer, Unit Assistant Postal Officer, and ...  40%

    5) Release any information regarding mail or postal records (including personal or home addresses, names and/or addresses of correspondents, etc.) to any individual for any purpose. They will refer all inquiries and requests for such information to the Consolidated Post Office Postal Officer. d.

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    USPS® Online Job Application System - Assessment & …  34%

    USPS® Online Job Application System - Assessment & Examination ... Available information about an assessment will be provided to you online through your assessment account. For example, for Exam 473, before you schedule yourself for the proctored exam, an ... Information about the Postal Service's reasonable accommodation process is available at


    Jul 10, 2018 · Information Collections. ..... 3 SECTION 2: RESPONSIBILITIES ... Fund postal costs and reimburse USPS for losses of funds resulting from the loss of financial instruments, such as money orders, in the mail or resulting from the loss of equipment ...

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    2019 POSTAL FACTS  16%

    The Postal Service uses data not only to ensure its operations run smoothly, but also to help businesses make better use of the mail. Its mission is to provide the right information to the right people in real time using advanced technology. JUDICIOUS The Postal Service’s Judicial Of˜cer Department is a …

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    The Postal Service suggests the following format to be used in conjunction with regulations at 39 CFR 265.6(d)(4)(ii) by persons empowered by law to serve legal process when requesting change of address or boxholder information. The request should be forwarded to the Postmaster of the last known address.