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    much of Ohio's legal malpractice litigation has centered around proof of these three elements, a closer examination is warranted. A. Attorney-Client Relationship The most fundamental requirement of any legal malpractice action is establishing that an attorney-client relationship existed at the time the alleged malpractice occurred. This ...

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    The Legal Malpractice Trifecta by the Supreme Court of Ohio  69%

    specifically clarified the standard of proof required in legal malpractice actions in Ohio, affirming that the “case-within-the-case doctrine” is still a central part of Ohio legal malpractice jurisprudence. The Environmental Network plaintiffs claimed that their attorneys coerced …

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    Legal Malpractice Claims – Advanced Strategies for Case ...  62%

    Legal Malpractice Claims – Advanced Strategies for Case-Within-a-Case Litigation ROBERT M. KLEIN, ANDREW M. FELDMAN & MARK SULLIVANC It is not uncommon for a lawyer to take an extreme – albeit defensible – position on behalf of the client, in settlement communications or court documents, or in negotiating a contract. After all, lawyers ...

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    Vahila v. Hall, 77 Ohio St. 3d 421 - Ohio: Supreme Court ...  36%

    Kinney (1989), 43 Ohio St.3d 103, 106, 538 N.E.2d 1058, 1061, we held that "a plaintiff need not allege a reversal of his or her conviction in order to state a cause of action for legal malpractice arising from representation in a criminal proceeding. To plead a cause of

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    partnership for attorney fees. Further, an Ohio statute expressly permits the recovery of punitive damages, and Ohio courts have applied such principles in legal malpractice cases. Although punitive damages are not recoverable in Michigan unless specifically authorized by the Legislature, exemplary damages are recoverable. Under Michigan law ...

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    2017 Ohio Tort Law Guide   18%

    Isaac Wiles Ohio Tort Law Guide 3 STATUTES OF LIMITATION Statutes of limitation may be suspended or tolled for minors or for those of unsound mind. §2305.16. These statutes could be subject to equitable tolling, which often requires legal analysis.