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    'streets. W.H. Somers was editor of the El Cajon Valley News (now The Daily Californian) in 1892. His home was on the street called Somermont, off Pepper _Driye, Graves, Van Houten and Mollison also sold off tracts in El Cajon, putting their names to the streets. …

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    Highways - Townsville City Council  40%

    Wulguru streets bear the names of scientists and inventors. Garbutt, home to the R.A.A.F. Base and Airport, has streets named after aircraft and airmen. Douglas is the literary suburb, the streets of which remind us of Australian authors. An American numerical system for naming streets was adopted for Railway Estate and South Townsville.

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    Indian Street Names - Tellico Village HomeOwners Association  35%

    Cherokee names for streets and eliminates the uniqueness and distinction that Tellico Village has had for its communities and street names. Only two are recognizable as Cherokee. Inola is a Cherokee surname meaning "Black Fox." Tanasi is a town name and was the capital of the Cherokee Nation between 1721-1730. The word is probably of Muskhogean ...

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    Streets Named After West Orange Veterans Who Died While Serving Their Country World War I World War II The Korean War The Vietnam War Veteran's Name Street Name World War II (114) Warner, Charles G. Warner Road Weber, Ernest R Weber Road Wessman, Helge E. Wessman Drive Whalen, Matthew Whalen Court Wheeler, Alfred L Wheeler Street Whitbay ...

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    Named after Baffin Island in the Arctic Ocean of Northern Canada. Wainoni . One of a number of streets in a subdivision between Ottawa Road, Pages Road and Cuffs Road given Canadian place names. Named because Canadian engineers and workers lived in the area while working for Henry J. Kaiser Co of USA and building the Lyttelton road tunnel ...

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    CAMBRIDGE STREET-NAMES Their Origins and Associations  29%

    CAMBRIDGE STREET-NAMES Their Origins and Associations This book draws on the great wealth ofassociations ofstreet-names in Cambridge. It is not a dictionary but provides a series ofentries on such topics as the Reformation, George IV and his wife, twentieth-century scientists, businessmen, Elizabethan

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    A named route over which the public has no legal right of way and whose use is subject to the landowners’ permission or other restriction. Named Private Access A named route which does not form part of the highway. The List of Streets is based on data held by the council and is believed to be a true and accurate record.

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    One of the many Ryde streets named after past battles. On 20 September 1854 during the Crimean War (1853-1856) the British and French forces won a victory at the River Alma against the Russians. AMELIA STREET, North Ryde Named for Amelia Thompson who, with her husband, owned land in the area.

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    street names - in alphabetical order. mc-id no. street name location lake co. lady lake lady lake villas lady lake comm. sumter co. sumter co. villas sumter co. comm. marion co. villages of marion wildwood wildwood villas district no./area allston court sumter - unit 105 x 6 allure ...

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    Streets located within the boundaries of Manhattan’s ommunity oard 12 (CB12M) will be considered for co-naming in honor of individuals or organizations subject to the following criteria established by the Board. The standards set forth in this document are only guidelines for the Board. No single guideline should be determinative.