Connecticut budget deficit 2018

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    Connecticut’s Fixing Problems Fiscal  58%

    multi-billion dollar budget deficit, they passed the second-largest tax hike in state history. While those 2015 tax increases were offset somewhat with $860 million in spending cuts, Connecticut again faces budget deficits—close to $5 billion for fiscal 2018 and 2019. WHERE WE ARE 120% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Steep Rise in State Spending

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    State of Connecticut  55%

    In late October 2017, the 2018-2019 biennial budget was passed by the Connecticut General Assembly and signed into law. The budget plan for FY 2018 had net General Fund appropriations of $18.690 billion which represented growth of 4.6 percent over FY 2017 appropriation levels. Other statutory

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    FY19 Budget Overview  53%

    June 27, 2018 FY19 Budget Overview. Agenda 2 1. State of the University 2. ... Connecticut, the United States, and the world. ... Deficit Mitigation Strategies to Consider • Revisit Tuition Plan, and raise tuition in 2021 or earlier, which may impact affordability.

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    The adjustments to the bipartisan biennial budget ...  43%

    In addition to the adjustments necessary to bring the FY 2019 budget into balance, the Governor’s recommended revisions include changes that are designed to significantly reduce the structural deficit created by the bipartisan budget agreement and to comply with section 658 of Public Act 17-2 (June Special Session).

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    FY 18 & FY 19 Budget - Connecticut General Assembly  41%

    The FY 18 General Fund budget grows by 4.6% when compared to FY 17 Appropriations. Similarly, the FY 19 budget grows by 0.5% when compared to the FY 18 budget. The final budget included revenue increases of $ 1,654 million in FY 18 and $1,735 million in FY 19

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    Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth  38%

    Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Development 4 Despite achieving a bipartisan budget, significant out year deficits remain To the extent one-time measures in …

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    Revised Executive Order Resource Allocation Plan Analysis  34%

    Executive Order Resource Allocation Plan covers all of FY 2018 and funds state government operations while the General Assembly continues budget discussions and negotiations. The Revised Executive Order Resource Allocation Plan will remain in effect until a budget is passed by the General Assembly and signed by the governor, or until

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    Comptroller Kevin Lembo today projected a Fiscal Year 2018 deficit of $504.6 million, an improvement of $89.9 million over last month’s projection due to a combination of spending ... “Connecticut’s budget results are ultimately dependent upon the performance of the national


    By law, the projected deficit will be extinguished via transfer from the Budget Reserve Fund as part of the process of closing out the fiscal year. The current balance in the Budget Reserve Fund (BRF) is $212.9 million. Net of transfers required to balance the FY 2018 budget and per Public Actuse of 18resources …

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    - The Governor’s budget removes operating costs for the State Office Building in FY 2018 and FY 2019 as it undergoes a complete renovation. Outyears reflect restoration of funding as the building is scheduled to re-open in FY 2020. WORKERS' COMPENSATION COMMISSION