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    Columbia River Basin ecosystem. I also am Coordinator of the Lower Columbia River Watershed Council which is a grass roots group that allows local citizens to determine what projects should be undertaken. The Estuary Partnership has

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    Oregon Watershed Councils Map  65%

    watershed councils that have never received their own individual Council Support Grant and are not eligible for a Council Capacity Grant. S ou th C as Watershed Council Oregon Watershed Councils For Purposes of OAR 695-040-0030(2)(a) Geographic Eligibility Criteria: Boundaries of Councils which received a Watershed Council S up ortG an B ef J ...

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    4. Lower Oregon Columbia Gorge Tributaries Watershed ...  64%

    4. Lower Oregon Columbia Gorge Tributaries Watershed Assessment 4.1 Subbasin Overview General Description Location and Size The Lower Oregon Columbia Gorge Tributaries Watershed consists of the 19 small Columbia River tributaries located between Bonneville Dam and the Hood River. Its major streams are Herman and Eagle creeks.

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    WATERSHED WORKS - Columbia Slough  44%

    Clackamas River Basin Council Columbia Slough Watershed Council Johnson Creek Watershed Council North Clackamas Urban Watersheds Council Sandy River Basin Watershed Council Tryon Creek Watershed Council Tualatin River Watershed Council Tualatin Soil & Water Conservation District The Pudding River Watershed Council Salmon Creek Watershed Council

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    Selected Master of Environmental Management Projects  37%

    along the Lower Columbia River - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers • Inventory and Assessment of Compensatory Wetland Mitigation in the Columbia Slough Watershed - Columbia Slough Watershed Council • Relationship Between Land Use and Water Quality In and Near the Damascus Urban Growth Boundary Expansion Area - Metro Regional Government

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    TUALATIN SOIL & WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT and TUALATIN RIVER WATERSHED COUNCIL TW3 Teams Up To Tackle Invasives Invasive weeds – the lists vary, but almost every watershed has them. In the Tualatin River Watershed, a coalition of conservation groups works to locate, eradicate and educate residents about the species of greatest concern.