City of dallas animal control

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    Overview of Dallas Animal Control Operations  74%

    Dallas City Code and Texas Rabies Control Act Dallas is required to have an Animal Shelter Commission per State law (Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 823, Animal Shelters) Purpose is to advise cities in operation of animal shelters State requires commissions have at least four members who meet at least three times a year City Code requires ...

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    Animal Services Enforcement - Dallas  47%

    Required partnership between 311, Dallas Police Department and Dallas Animal Services Improved training and quality control for 311 operators Appointment of a dog czar focused on stray dogs and animal cruelty Creation of a loose animal force focused solely on rescuing animals Creation of a separate animal services department

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    Photo: Joyce Linehan   38%

    restructuring of the existing Boston Animal Control Department. toHE rEc MMEndAtIonS FocuS 1: cHAngE nAME oF tHE ExIStIng dEpArtMEnt to AnIMAl cArE And control As stated in the mayor’s campaign policy papers, the department Photo: Joyce Linehan Animal Care and Control paper presented to the Basic City Services Working Group


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    Code compliance chapter 27 HOUSING STANDARDS MANUAL - …  33%

    CODE COMPLIANCE CHAPTER 27 HOUSING STANDARDS MANUAL. The purpose of this manual is to offer a guide that will help in the understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable in regards to required minimum property

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    DAS-FRM-241 Effective Date 7/312017 Rev 1 . CITY OF DALLAS DANGEROUS DOG AFFIDAVIT . I. Complainant/Victim Information

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    AVMA MODEL DOG AND CAT CONTROL ORDINANCE Section I—Definitions For the purposes of this ordinance, the following definitions shall prevail: Animal—Dog or cat. Animal Control Authority—The person or persons designated to enforce this ordinance. Animal establishment—Any pet shop, grooming shop, animal auction, performing animal

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    Owner Surrender Services  21%

    OWNER SURRENDER SERVICES Serving north Texas If your are seeking to surrender your pet today, please call one of the shelters or rescues on this list and ask if they have space for your animal(s).

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