A consumer s guide to the economics of electric utility ratemaking

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    909 Natalie - Regulated utilities manual  55%

    Regulated utilities manual A service for regulated utilities 1 The principal purpose of this manual is to assist the accountant familiar with accounting for businesses in general in applying his or her training to the specialized accounting practices of public utilities. The discussion of the utility industry here is intended to include those


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    Electricity Regulation In the US: A Guide  54%

    Electricity Regulation in the US: A Guide 1. About This Guide to Utility Regulation 1 O ver the past 140 years, society has undergone a fundamental transformation. The invention of the incandescent light bulb in the 1870s introduced lighting as one of the first practically available uses of electrical power. Electric utilities began to spring


  • The Simple Analytics of Performance-Based Ratemaking: A ...

    The Simple Analytics of Performance-Based Ratemaking: A Guide for the PBR Regulator Peter Navarrot Professor Navarro discusses and evaluates the use of Peformance-Based Ratemaking ("PBR") as a substitute for traditional Rate Base Regulation ("RBR ") in determining the rates which regulated industries may charge to their customers.

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    PETER NAVARRO University of California, Irvine Merage ...  43%

    PETER NAVARRO University of California, Irvine Merage School of Business Irvine, California 92697 Phone: 949-357-9330 ... “The Simple Analytics of Performance-based Ratemaking: A Guide for the PBR Regulator,” Yale Journal on Regulation, Winter, 1996. ... "Our Stake in the Electric Utility's Dilemma," Harvard Business Review, May-June 1982. 64.


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    Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission  42%

    This guide addresses a number of utility topics from the Commission’s point of view, but the Commission encourages those interested to seek out the many resources available to be as informed as possible. The Indiana Utility Guide can be read in its entirety for a comprehensive understanding of Indiana’s utility sector and the Commission’s ...


  • Excess Capacity: A Case Study in Ratemaking Theory and ...

    electric utilities with excess generating capacity. In many cases, state utility regulators have responded by disallowing the inclusion of the costs of the excess in rates charged to consumers. Mister Colton examines a 1984 Iowa Supreme Court decision and several recent administrative decisions which discuss the ratemaking treatment of excess ...

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    Fendell, Susan D. - Ohio State University  37%

    the sole right to serve a particular region if the utility submits to state regulation. U.S. DEP'T OF ENERGY, A CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO THE ECONOMICS OF ELECTRIC UTILITY RATEMAKING 31, 33 (1980) [hereinafter cited as UTILITY RATEMAKING].


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    Public’s Exhibit No. 12 4 1 A. Although electric utility cost allocation studies tend to be somewhat complex in that several 2 rate base and expense items tend to be allocated based on internally generated allocation 3 factors, all allocation factors are ultimately a direct function of class contributions to: (a)


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    Regulation How Long It Takes .us  28%

    The ratemaking process ensures the lowest reasonable rate for consumers while maintaining the financial stability of utilities. Under the law the utility is entitled , to recovery of its reasonably incurred expenses and a fair return on its investment. The PUC evaluates each utility’s request for a rate increase based on those criteria.



    environment in which a utility will naturally and aggressively pursue system solutions that simultaneously create consumer benefit and increase the utility’s earning opportunity. For this to occur effectively, the approach of tying innovative third-party solutions that provide customer value to earnings